Stay A While My Inner Child

Oh how you've grown so cynical/
Hard lines carved in your face/
The sunshine's so cliche/
Just like love and pain


To the Schmuel song to cheer myself up

"Subtly crying on public transportation"

- a memoir


mutuals this is actually really fun go


eat me out



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google image search “angry otters” right now

the only kind of baby carrier ill ever wear

the only kind of baby carrier ill ever wear

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kinda makes me sad that this as young and hot as I’m ever gonna be


I’m with you Piper.

First look: Emma Stone as Sally Bowles in ‘Cabaret’


no phone don’t autocorrect my i’s to capitals i need to look cool & casual for the internet

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starbucks drinking game

take a shot every time a customer with a long beard asks me if we serve almond milk

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